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Tier 2 Value-Added Products - Government Services

In conjunction with our core offering of card products and solutions, U.S. Bank also provides numerous value added products that can be used in tandem with traditional purchase, travel, integrated or fleet programs.
Combined Charge Card and Identification Card 
U.S. Bank offers a Combined Charge Card and Identification Card enabling account holders to carry a single card with multiple capabilities. U.S. Bank leverages the latest microchip technology providing flexibility to support your card needs as well as maintaining the highest level of security.

ePayable–Electronic Invoice
U.S. Bank offers an electronic invoice processing solution for invoice receipt, audit, processing and payment of invoices.

ePayable–Buyer Initiated Payments
U.S. Bank offers a platform enabling suppliers to receive payments initiated by buyers upon receipt of goods or services and, if applicable, according to specific contract requirements.

ePayable–Straight–Through Processing
Leverages the U.S. Bank Elavon merchant processing network, buyers and suppliers are able to initiate payments that can be directly deposited into the supplier's bank accounts– providing faster reconciliation for both the buyers and suppliers.

Combines real-time GPS tracking from telematics providers with U.S. Bank card transaction details, fleets gain access to actionable data to positively impact driver behavior and reduce expenses.

Roadside Assistance Program
Provides drivers with roadside assistance for tows, tire changes and more with services billed to the operator's Voyager Fleet Card.

Voyager Fleet Convenience Checks
Allows over-the-road drivers of class 7-8 vehicles to use convenience checks at truck stop fuel desks and pay for tows, repairs and unloading trailers.

Voyager Maintenance Solution
Provides real-time authorizations before repairs and services are started, helping agencies/organizations to better control the work performed on their vehicles while also adhering to manufacturer specifications.

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