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The Voyager® Mobile App is free to use and helps U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Card clients identify service locations and best fuel prices, based on Voyager Network merchant and transaction pricing information. 

If you have any questions, please contact Voyager Fleet Customer Service at 800.987.6591.


Voyager Mobile App


What information is available through the app?

  • Fuel sites and addresses
  • Distance
  • Directions
  • Fuel types and prices per gallon (PPG)
  • Location hours (if available)
  • Alternative fuels (if available)
  • Services provided (if available)
  • Amenities, such as car wash, oversized vehicles, pay at the pump, etc. (if available)

Can anyone download and access the Voyager Mobile App?
To download and use the app, you must have a compatible Apple or Android mobile device and an Internet connection. Device location services must be turned on for the app to function.

Download the Voyager Mobile app now!
Download from Apple App Store    
Download from Google Play for Android store

On what mobile devices will this app work?
The current version of the fuel site/price locator supports Apple devices running iOS8 and higher…

  • iPhone 4.0 or newer
  • iPad products, including iPad 2, iPad Air (1 and 2), and iPad mini (1-3)
  • iPod Touch 5th Generation

…as well as Android

  • Phones 4.0, 4.1, 4.4, and 5.0
  • Tablets

Can I download the app on both my iPhone and my iPad?
Yes; the app can be used on more than one supported device.

How do I download the Voyager Mobile App?
Simply search for the App using the keyword "Voyager" in the Apple App or Google Play Stores and install.

Is there a fee for the app?
No, the application is free.

Do I need a user ID and password to use the app?
No, an ID and password are not required to use the locator. However, registered users have access to additional functions, such as the ability to save frequently-traveled routes for future searches.

Is an Internet connection required to use Voyager Mobile?
Yes, an active Internet connection is required to receive updated pricing and location information.

What kind of navigational information is required to use the application (e.g., city, state, ZIP code)?
None; for the primary search function, the application leverages the GPS location of your device to determine their results. However, you may search for fuel choices along a planned route by entering your destination. The search will default your origin to your current location or you can enter a preferred origin point along with your destination.

How do I begin using the application?

  • Click on the Voyager Mobile icon to open it.
  • Specify your fuel and distance preferences.
  • Choose between:
    1. Location-based search (bottom left icon) or
    2. Route-based search (bottom, second-from-the-left icon) to find fuel in your immediate vicinity or along your way to a planned destination, respectively.
  • Once your preferences are chosen, you will see the locations closest to you, as well as:
    • Location brand and logo
    • Location name and address
    • Distance from you
    • Last known price
    • When price was last updated  
  • Sort locations by distance or price (e.g.,closest locations with the lowest prices)
    • To filter locations by fuel type, tap on the Fuel Type button on the bottom of the screen.
    • To filter by other parameters, such as amenities or brand, select Filter in the upper left corner of your screen.
    • Plus: an audio feature allows for safe, hands-free searches. You’ll find this feature by clicking on the settings icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

    How do I search for fuel along a planned route?

    1. When the Location icon is chosen, the default search is within a radius around your location.
    2. By selecting the Road icon, you can log in to save recurring routes or use the tool without logging in. After selecting, you will be asked if the App can use your current location. Refusing to allow the App to use your location will require you to enter both an origin and a destination. Allowing use of your current location will default your origin to your current location. Once the origin and a destination are specified, a suggested route will appear with the lowest fuel prices. Use pinch-to-zoom if there's an area you'd like to focus on to reveal more fuel choices.

    What is the audio feature?
    A hands-free audio feature announces information, allowing drivers to remain focused on the road. It even includes filtering by fuel type and amenities such as car washes, pay at the pump, space for oversized vehicles and maintenance service capabilities.

    How does it work?

    • To activate the voice option, click on the Settings icon in the bottom right corner of the app and turn on “Audio Announce Sites. 
    • When the App is first opened, it will announce a site that meets your criteria (distance or price).
    • If the screen is refreshed and the top site has remained unchanged, the App will not repeat the announcement.
    • If you continue on and another location is nearby, the App will announce the new site.

    Are turn-by-turn directions available?
    Yes. To use turn-by-turn directions, select the desired location. Click on the Get Directions to select your preferred device map solution for navigation. Note: this will take you out of the Voyager Mobile App. iOS users should see below regarding the selection of either Apple Maps or Google Maps.

    Do I have to use Apple Maps on my iOS device?
    No. Users with Apple devices may click on the settings icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to choose between Apple Maps and Google Maps for use with turn-by-turn directions.

    Can I search for maintenance and repair sites, as well as fueling locations?
    Yes; click the “Filter” to narrow your search based on range, brand or location amenities. You may also use this link to narrow your search to only those locations that provide service (maintenance).

    Does the app indicate what size vehicle can be accommodated at a particular site?
    No. However, by narrowing your fuel search to Truck Stop Diesel, the app will search only for truck stop locations.

    Whom should I contact to report a pricing issue or merchant information error (e.g., merchant name, brand, address, etc.)?

    • Voyager Fleet Customer Service at 800.987.6591. 
      • If there is a mistake in Name/Brand/Address/Price in the locator, a Voyager Customer Service Representative can submit a service ticket to have the issue investigated.
      • If there is an issue with a merchant reporting a price incorrectly, a Voyager Fleet Customer Service Representative will have the Voyager Merchant Services Team investigate the issue; however, if the merchant is reporting a price incorrectly, U.S. Bank cannot resolve the error on the merchant’s behalf.

    Are Canadian fuel locations and prices available on this mobile application?
    No, only prices for U.S.-based locations are available.

    Does the app replace the Voyager Fleet Commander® Online locator tool?
    No, the locator on Fleet Commander Online is still available at: 

    Why do some locations not display a price for a selected fuel type?
    Prices are based on actual transaction activity in the Voyager Network. If a price is older than 3 days, it is not considered a relevant price and therefore is not displayed.

    How often does the application receive new merchant and fuel pricing data?
    Merchant information is refreshed daily. Prices are updated within minutes of the transactions occurring on the Voyager Network. 

    Is pricing available for maintenance and repair locations?
    No, only fuel prices are available; however, the app will show which maintenance or repair locations accept the Voyager Fleet Card.

    If I can’t get the App to work – or encounter an error – whom should I call?

    • Call Voyager Fleet Customer Service at 800.­987.­6591 for assistance with downloading the Voyager Mobile App.

    • APPLE
      • Troubleshooting, including assistance with downloading applications:
      • Personalized support: (Not available in all areas.)
      • If you suspect you are having an issue with your phone service provider, contact the provider directly.

      • Call your phone service provider directly.

    • You may also try:
      • Powering off your device, then turning it back on.
      • Manually closing and restarting the application (On Apple devices, for example, hold down the Home key, swipe left or right to find the App, and swipe up to close the app and restart it.)
      • Deleting and re­downloading the application.
      • Restarting your device.

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