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Review this list of common questions

These FAQs will help to ensure the best experience as you use the
U.S. Bank Access® Online Mobile app. If you have any questions on transactions and balances that are not covered below, please contact us at 800-344-5696.

Logging In

What kinds of phones or tablets work with the U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app?
Today, the U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app works with any iPhone running iOS 7.0 or higher and Android Smartphone running Android OS version 4.1 or higher.

What organization, user ID, and password do I use?
When logging into the U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app, use the same organization*, user ID, and password that you use when logging into Access Online.

*The “organization,” or “Organization Short Name,” is a code that identifies your company in Access Online.

How do I set up a U.S. Bank Access Online user ID?
If you do not have an active Access Online user name and password, please register online at or contact your Program Administrator. Note if you do not have a card account you will need to contact your Program Administrator.

What if I forget my organization, user ID or password?
Simply contact Cardmember Service at 877-887-9260 or click the Forgot Your Password link on the Access Online login screen, either in your web browser on your phone or tablet, or from your computer.

What is my passcode?
Your passcode is the 4-digit code you choose that allows you to view your card information in the U.S. Bank Access® Online Mobile app. You will create and set up your own unique code when you register the device. Your password and passcode are separate codes.

What’s the difference between a passcode, a password, and a PIN? 

  • Your passcode contains 4 digits and is used to display your card information only.
  • Your password is the code you use to log into the mobile app and Access Online.
  • If you have cash access on your card account, you have a 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number). That PIN is used when you use your card at an ATM to get cash.

Can my passcode and PIN be the same 4-digit number?
For security purposes, it is recommended that you set up your passcode and PIN as different 4-digit codes.

What if I forget my passcode?
If you forget your passcode, you can create a new one. Simply choose Forgot Passcode? from the passcode entry screen and follow the prompts to set up and confirm a new passcode and verify your valid account number.

How do I unlock my mobile account?
If your mobile account is locked, you must call Cardmember Service at 877-887-9260 to have it unlocked.

Can I download the U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app on multiple devices?
Yes, the U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app can be downloaded on multiple devices.

Features and Functionality

What can I do with the U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app?
With your Mobile App, you can:

  • Register your device
  • View your account summary
  • View your card information
  • View transactions
  • Create a Payment Request

Which accounts can I access with the U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app?

  • Corporate Card account
  • One Card account
  • Purchasing Card account
  • Executive Card account
  • Event Planner Card account
  • Managed Spend Card account

Can I use both the U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app and Access Online?
Yes. Both the U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app and Access Online will display your account information and recent transactions; however, several features are available only in the full Access Online website at this time.

Can I have alerts sent to my phone?
No. The U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app does not include alert services at this time; however, there are plans to add alert functionality to the app in the near future.

Why should I update the app to the latest version of U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile?
We continuously add performance improvements as well as features and services. To update your app, first check your device or app store for notices about version updates. If an update is available, follow the simple instructions.

Can I use the U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app outside the U.S.?
Yes, as long as you have Internet service in the country you are visiting through your mobile carrier.

Does U.S. Bank offer the U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app services in languages other than English?
No. The U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app is currently available in English only.

Requests (Request a Virtual Account)

What is a Payment Request?
A payment request allows a user to request a virtual account. This can be either a single use account or a pre-authorized limit account.

Why can’t I see Payment Requests in the app?
Payment requests must be set up at the corporate level and the end user must have a payment account available to have access to virtual accounts. Your company can do this by reaching out to their Account Coordinator or Relationship Manager.

How can I submit a request for a virtual account?
Simply select “Create a Payment Request” from the menu and follow the prompts. The request will be routed to your company’s designated approvers and will appear in the payment request list. If you entered an email address, you will receive an email notification once your request is approved.

How do I use the virtual account number?
The account number can be used over the phone, online, on a purchase order, or provided to the merchant at the point of sale.

ePay Functionality

What is ePay?
ePay allows users to pay personal expenses or expenses not covered under their corporate expense policy.

Why can’t I see ePay in the app?
ePay must be setup at the corporate level. Your company can do this by reaching out to their Account Coordinator or Relationship Manager.

How do I use ePay?
Simply select “ePay” from the menu. This will launch the ePay website and follow the prompts.

Using the Card Information Display

How do I access the card information display?
Once registered, you can log in to the app -- or swipe the login screen before logging in to be taken to the passcode entry screen. Once your 4-digit passcode is entered correctly, your card information will be displayed.

If I have a closed account, will I still be able to access my card information display?
The U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app is designed to display all of your U.S. Bank Corporate Card, One Card, Purchasing Card, Executive Card, Event Planner Card or Managed Spend Card accounts, whether the accounts are closed or open. You will always be able to view your account summary and transactions regardless of your account status; however, you will not be able to view card information for closed accounts.

Calling for Help

Where can I go for help?
For general account inquiries such as statement information, transactions and balances, lost and stolen cards, PINS, and address changes, call 800-344-5696. For password resets and general navigation, call Cardmember Service at 877-887-9260.

If you're having technical issues with your phone, have questions about mobile data access or data charges on your phone bill, contact the customer service department of your mobile service provider.

Online Privacy and Security

How does U.S. Bank use and protect my information?
The privacy and security of your personal information are important to U.S. Bank. Please read the following summary information about how we use and protect your information.

  • We collect information about your identity to authenticate your accounts and transactions.
  • We use information you provide to carry out transactions you request and to offer the U.S. Bank products and services that best suit your needs.
  • We will never share your information with third parties so they can market to you.
  • We use information you provide to protect your accounts against fraud and unauthorized transactions.
  • We protect your information with security measures designed to keep you safe from account fraud and identity theft.
  • We encrypt all information transmitted over the internet using 128-bit encryption.

You can help us protect your accounts by never revealing your user name or password to anyone and notifying us promptly if you suspect unauthorized activity on your account. For the complete Online Privacy and Security information, click here

Is my personal information safe with the U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app?
Yes. Your personal information is safe with us because:

  • We use advanced encryption and monitoring technology.
  • We secure your accounts with unique user IDs, passwords and passcodes.
  • We never request personal information through email.
  • And we never store your personal account information on your phone.

What happens if my mobile device is lost or stolen?
Follow all of the steps recommended by your service provider for a lost or stolen device. There is no need to close your U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile app account, as your user ID and password are required to access your account on the device.

Review our resources to:
> Download the app
> Tour and learn how to use the app
> Understand how we use and protect your information


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