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As an industry leader, U.S. Bank continues to develop innovative technologies to safeguard transactions and protect your payment information. That’s one of the reasons U.S. Bank was named the “#1 Most Trusted Company for Retail Banking,” nine years in a row.*

Now we’ve once again taken the lead with our U.S. Bank Corporate Travel, One and Purchasing Card accounts by providing proactive tools that work together to enhance your payment security and peace of mind.

Here are some of the many innovations U.S. Bank offers to help protect your organization from fraud.

> EMV Chip Cards – improve security every time you make purchases at EMV-enabled terminals. EMV chip cards generate a unique one-time code every time they’re used at chip-activated terminals. This feature is virtually impossible to duplicate in counterfeit cards, helping to reduce in-store fraud.

> Fraud Alerts – receive real-time fraud alerts** via SMS text and/or email when suspicious activity has been detected on your commercial card account. Reply on the spot that the transaction is valid or fraudulent, ensuring fewer unnecessary declines – and quick protection in the event of attempted fraud.

> Payment Analytics – automatically review all commercial card transactions against payment policies. For example, you can conduct audits on purchases that are made on the weekend or split in order to avoid transaction limits. When suspected card misuse or out-of-policy spending is identified, receive email alerts.

> Payment Plus – generate virtual payments that can be set to a specific supplier, specific date range and specific payment amount – down to the penny. Ensure your payments are processed only when approved and only for the amount authorized.

> Visa Travel Tag – reduce unnecessary purchase declines while your cardholders are traveling. By matching travel data – such as travel dates, airports, and flights – with transaction locations, Visa Travel Tag can help identify whether it is the cardholder or an unauthorized user making a transaction based on known travel plans.

* Ponemon Institute, June 2015.

** Available in the U.S. only.

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